Chapter 1 - FoTR in training

The heroes:
Yellow South Viet, Monk (Viet)
Ronan the Barbarian, Barbarian (Anthony)
Numa, Warrior (Min Suk)
Content Not Found: Crayolia, Rogue (Richard)
Bazza, Cleric (Andrew)
The Mumeishi One (no name given), Necromancer, Audrey

Fresh from the Academy Of Seven Dragons, the heroes took their final Test of Combat before taking on missions in the wider world of Faerun. There they encountered five goblins and four skeletons, and defeat them without hardly a scratch.

Memorable moments;
- The Mumeishi One using the spell Ghost Sound to mimic a female goblin giving birth, confusing one of the goblins
- Crayolia dipping her finger into a pool of glowing blue water before ending her turn (her finger continues to glow blue to this day)
- Bazza proving himself as a bloodthirsty clergyman by dishing out more damage than healing anyone
- Numa, Yellow South View and Ronan creating the ultimate Great Wall of Meat Grinder

With the Test complete, the heroes must now venture forth to champion the weak, right the wrongs, and get filthy wealthy and famous in the process…


Bamboo_Warrior Bamboo_Warrior

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