Mofohos Episode 4 - Rumble in Ballas

Date played: 5-Jan-2013

  • Edgar Ravensson, “Gramps”, Human Ardent (Reuben)
  • Aron-Tan, “Tank”, Goliath Warden (Viet) *new character
  • Valaritas, Human Cleric of the Raven Queen (Richard) *new character
  • Valamos, “Val” Ingridus III, Deva Wizard (Vincent)
  • Woop-Woop, Halfling Rogue (Takeshi)
  • Bree, Female Halfling Rogue (Jeffery) *new character
    All characters were L4

Adventure location: City of Ballas

Synopsis: The Mofohos were hunted by assassins sent in by the Black Scimitars, and also faced an attack by a squad of Walles Rangers, after which they decide to head to Effrika to attack the Black Scimitars on their own turf.

Hearing of an attack at “the butcher’s”, Mofohos’ fencing facility, the group arrive to find its operators slaughtered in horrific fashion; one of whom had a blackened scimitar stuck in the chest, with a message carved in his belly that read “We are coming for you Diago”. As they searched for clues, they were attacked by Wraiths, who were former Mofohos members who were recently turned into Wraiths by the Black Scimitar assassins.

After surviving the Wraith attack (and Edgar killing Ose, a guild member, in the process), they return to the Guild House to talk to Guild Master Carrone. Carrone was confused why the Black Scimitars would attack his guild, having earlier dispatched the heroes to pay the slaver traders a severance fee on a earlier slave trade deal made by Diago (at this point Carrone was still unaware of the fact that the heroes had killed Bax the Hobgoblin, a representative of the Black Scimitars sent to Ballas to seal the deal, and kept the severance fee for themselves).

Guessing that the next assassin attack maybe at the Mofohos’ River Warehouse, the heroes move to the warehouse located at the Western District. On the way, a street urchin informs them of suspicious elves skulking about the warehouse.

After spotting two of the elves, Bree decides to follow one of them as he moved away from the warehouse. She pick pocketed the elf of some coins, short wires and a skeleton key, handed it back to the elf who angrily took it off her, and secretly followed the elf who walked off further into an alleyway to meet his comrades. There, she finds out that the elves were planning an attack on the warehouse that night, so she returns and informs her friends of her discovery.

The heroes then readied the warehouse for the imminent attack, barricading entrances and stationing the other Mofohos guild members at strategic positions. The attack came a few hours after mid-night, with the Walles Ranger elves attacking from all directions. But the heroes were victorious, and after discovering that the Rangers had no relationship with the Black Scimitars and were here to seek the Ring of Emari, the heroes decided to leave Ballas and head for Effrika and face the Black Scimitars on their own turf…

Treasure obtained

  • Jug of Ever-flowing Ale – taken by Woop-Woop
  • Gravespawn Potion x 2 – taken by ?
  • Elixir of Aptitude x 2 – taken by ?
  • Elixir of Dragon Breath x 1 – taken by Valiastra
  • Gloves of Piercing x 1 – taken by Valamos
  • 840GP
Chapter 1 - FoTR in training

The heroes:
Yellow South Viet, Monk (Viet)
Ronan the Barbarian, Barbarian (Anthony)
Numa, Warrior (Min Suk)
Content Not Found: Crayolia, Rogue (Richard)
Bazza, Cleric (Andrew)
The Mumeishi One (no name given), Necromancer, Audrey

Fresh from the Academy Of Seven Dragons, the heroes took their final Test of Combat before taking on missions in the wider world of Faerun. There they encountered five goblins and four skeletons, and defeat them without hardly a scratch.

Memorable moments;
- The Mumeishi One using the spell Ghost Sound to mimic a female goblin giving birth, confusing one of the goblins
- Crayolia dipping her finger into a pool of glowing blue water before ending her turn (her finger continues to glow blue to this day)
- Bazza proving himself as a bloodthirsty clergyman by dishing out more damage than healing anyone
- Numa, Yellow South View and Ronan creating the ultimate Great Wall of Meat Grinder

With the Test complete, the heroes must now venture forth to champion the weak, right the wrongs, and get filthy wealthy and famous in the process…

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