A thieves’ guild in Ballas, Sparan, operating illegal activities such as smuggling, protecteering and gambling. A recent in-fighting has caused the death of its most active leader, Diago the Knife, and as a result it’s membership base is severely weakened, creating a cloud of uncertainty for the future of the guild.

Headquarters: Ballas, Sparan
Members: 15 core members, 50~100 sub-members (fluctuates)
Leadership: Guild Master Carrone “the Cat”
Organisation: Fragmented (different cells for different criminal activities)
Motivations and Goals: To make profit through illegitimate means. Activities include smuggling, protection racketeering and running illegal gambling. Recently took on slave trading with the Minabenes.
Mofohos Thieve’s Guild

Areas of Operation: Ballas, Sparan

Many in Ballas see the Mofohos as a necessary evil. Gambling is illegal, but nobles and commoners alike enjoy a bit of wagering now and then. Smuggling is illegal, but sometimes that’s the only way you can get things that you want. Protecteering is expensive, and sucks especially for businesses, but they do help you out in times of trouble (the Town Watch are hopeless anyway…). For the most part, the Mofohos keep out of people’s lives as long as you pay your dues and you don’t cross them.

The Erathist clerics are the most vocal opponents, questioning the morals of the Mofohos activities. For the most part the authorities leave the guild alone; some Town Watch members even welcome the small bribes to compliment their pathetic salaries. Now and then a self-righteous nobleman or a Erathist cleric will speak out and pressure the authorities enough that they act; activities are busted, some arrests are made, public executions are held. But these are mainly just for show, and its business as usual.

The Mofohos rarely do business outside of Ballas, until recently when Diago made a deal with the Black Scimitars of Morogypt to deal with slaves from the slavers. That deal was soon broken by the heroes when they killed Bax the Hobgoblin on a meet-up that was meant to seal the final.

The Mofohos are now being attacked by a group of powerful assassins, who were sent by the Black Scimitars as retribution for the broken deal and for the death of its members.


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