New Ostium

New Ostium is a highly contested land, only recently have the nations of the Ethium continent grasped the potential of the untapped wealth of a seemingly uninhabitated continent. Ships tread the fearsome sea of storms to land enterprising captains and their cargo of settlers to exploit the resources but to the surprise of all there has been numerous ambassadors from the Elven kingdoms of the Baozia continent sternly advising for the people of Ethium to withdraw from the land. Already there has been sightings of elven warships prowling the coast of New Ostium and whenever a human supply or cargo ship fail to arrive, rumours abound that they were attacked and sunk in retaliation for the Ethiamites refusal to leave.

To confound matters there has been disturbing reports of patrols going missing whenever they venture within a vicinity of a stone menhir or that landing parties from new expeditions from Ethium disappear on certain parts of the uncharted coast. Although not uncommon, the frequency in recent months has escalated until the colonists have begun to fortify their settlements with wooden palisades and patrols no longer range the surrounding areas because of the high mortality rate. Where once the land was viewed as a paradise has now turned into a feeling of dread and anxiety, the settlers practically besieged and trapped in this haunted place.

The Land
Trees whose leaf is greener than the colour of Jade, that bear the sweetest fruits and land so fertile that some say it takes barely two days before newly planted seeds become stalks of wheat that sprout from the ground, it is agreed by all that the continent is a veritable paradise. However that is not all for perhaps what brought the greed of man to this land was their terrible lust and hunger for gold. And in New Ostium there is an even rarer version of this vital metal, known as the ‘Prince of Gold’, for it can be inscribed into weapons and implements to become the sharpest and most powerful of their kind or crafted into armour that is light as a feather, harder than rock and immune to all spells.

Such a thing though can only be found deep underground, in the strange and ancient ruins that litter the land, and an expedition of a thousand men would only yield perhaps a handful of the material but at the cost of the lives of nearly all those involved. One such thousand saw only 12 men return with four of the survivors stark raving mad. But those who survive can expect to live out their lives as rich men, for kings would trade almost half their kingdoms away for such rare metals, the ability to become a fearsome living hero god more than making up for the crippling costs.



Lake of Eternity

New Ostium

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