Sparan Kingdom

Capital: Los Esplendor
Prestige: Very High (but declining)
Population: 3.4 million (85% human, halfling, gnome, orc)
Government: Absolute Monarchy (King Fabius II)
Religions: Erathis, Avandra, Sehanine
Alignment: Unaligned, chaotic

Palaces of gaudy gold and silk, dance parties that continue for days on end, debaucherous pursuit of lust and pleasure, and complete negligence of public interest… such is the state of the rulers of the Sparan Kingdom, pursuing excessive personal pleasures at the expense of its sick and starving people. Once upon a time, the Sparans were mighty; it’s massive galleons ruled the seas and colonies, sending even the Arglish mage-ships scattering for cover upon sighting the flag of Gold and Rose, the insignia of the ruling Mon Segnia family. Gold came flowing in from its conquest in Encoss Continent, making it the richest nation in Ethium, but when Encoss suddenly broke off the edge of Toria and into the Abyss some twenty years ago, the coffers dried up, severely weakening it’s power… (although some say Sparan’s decline already began when it first discovered gold in Encoss, and the subsequent excesses of the ruling monarchs). Sparan has but one hope; the newly found continent of Gdday is said to be the next Encoss with its untapped mineral resources waiting to be dug out. If only there was a way to stop the Arglish Grand Navy and the Florian Squadron d’Ocean from meddling with its plans…







  • (Los Esplendor, Capital city, 42,000)*
  • (Ballas, regional port city, 87,000)*
    Ballas is the largest city in Sparan, growing rich with gold from imported Encoss gold. It is a port city situated on the east coast, and is the center of Sparan’s maritime activities. Like the rest of Sparan, Ballas is in slow decline due to the disappearance of Encoss.



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Sparan Kingdom

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