Blood for gold. This is an era where the attainment of wealth supercedes all other thoughts of human goodwill and enlightenment. Men wage wars across the seas and continents, in the azure skies and the pitch darkness of the bowels of the earth while the elder races can only watch on in horror… and in truth bemusement as the mistakes that they have once made are being repeated by the race of men. However not all follow the creed of blood for gold and many have taken up the cause of righting the wrongs of the warring human nations, standing before them with swords drawn, behind stalwart war shields and prayers of power on their lips. Though there are others who would gladly plunge the world into deeper bloodshed. But this is an age of war and only those strong in their sword arms and ideals will emerge victorious. Will you be one of them?

History of Toria

Regions of Toria

Gods of Toria

Denizens of Toria

The world of Toria consists of seven major continents;

Ethium to the west (European)
Alidra to the central west (American)
Effrika to the south west (African)
Baozia to the south east (Asian)
Thygya to the east (steppe/plains)
Anentus to the central east (Himalayan)
Gdday to the south (Aussie/Kiwi)

In addition, there are two poles;

Atlica to the north
Frigginne Kold to the south


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