Ethium is a land of powerful kingdoms protected by knights in shining armour, wizards of high magic and clerics of just gods. Huge castles, cities of splendor and enormous cathedrals shine like beacons of light throughout the land, and any outsiders visiting the realm for the first time would believe that they are in the home of the gods themselves. Outside its boarders, mage-ships, ships powered by magical winds, carry envoys of Ethium across Toria, bringing Ethiamite enlightenment to other, more basic cultures. Ethium is the epitome of civilization, a land of fair and just people forever working tirelessly to bring civilisation and light to the dark world of Toria…

…or so many Ethiamites would have you believe. In part they are correct; the various knightly orders, academy-trained wizards and religious institutions keep the people of Ethium safe from wild monsters and raiding barbarians, and the ruling kings and governments do a fair job in keeping law and order among the populous. But as with any civilisation, power corrupts, and constant wars, political intrigue and deadly struggles between those in power helps to ensure that life-expectancy of an Ethiamite is kept just as low as those of people in other wilder continents, or at least for those who are caught in the cross-fire.

The Land
The lands of Ethium are covered in lush green pasture, fruitful forests, plentiful lakes, rivers and mountains. Many parts of the land are still wild country, particularly where local powers do not patrol regularly, but for the most part travelers are safe from predatory monsters and wild life. Lake Aroseos, the largest lake that sits in the middle of the continent, provides plenty of fish and other resources to the people who live around it.

The Major Nations
Kingdoms and empires have come and gone in the long history of Ethium. The mightiest of the old empires was the Ordeos Empire, covering most of Ethium at it’s peak some centuries ago, only to vanish into dust under the boots of invading barbarian hordes. It is the descendants of these barbarian tribes who now rule most of Ethium, comprising of dozens of kingdoms and city states.

Five major powers currently rule the majority of Ethium, and most of them are currently at war with each other.

Kingdom of Argland
A kingdom consisting of islands off the west coast of Ethium, with an extensive global empire protected by its mighty Grand Navy.

Republic of Floria
A nation led by its revolutionary citizens, who recently guillotined their monarch and the nobles. It’s military leader, General Napaloire, is waging an aggressive war against its neighbours.

The Holy Genovian Empire
An empire of fanatical knights and battle-clerics of Erathis whose resources are under severe pressure due to decades of crusading wars against the Minabene infidels and the revolutionaries of Floria.

Kingdom of Spara
A decadent old kingdom living in the memories of it past glories and in desperate need of new territories abroad to pay its debts.

Tsardom of Urssova
A nation covering vast tracts of empty cold plains with peoples from differing cultures.

The Minor Nations
The Ittario city states

Important Sites
Marble Mausoleum of the Undead Darkness
Glittering Caverns of the Saintly Warriors
Valley of Saint Hon
Dree Ais Illustrated Chapel
Reinforced Palace of the Sacred Confusion
Forest of the Iblin Gods

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