Work In Progress [WIP]

Homeland of all dwarves who spewed forth to colonize Thygya to the north and Baozia to the south with the stones they carried from their one city; their mountain hold: Foundation. Originally encompassing just the one colossal peak, Foundation is now a sprawling metropolis covering the surrounding mountain range. Built layer upon layer since their beginning to home their entire people.

Each citizen is born to serve their bloodline, the one bloodline, for all dwarves are spawned from the womb of Foundation. Fathered by the mountain. Mothered by the world. It is a dwarfs purpose to spread Foundation until mother and father are one.

Rampant expansionism. Thygya is the highland foodbowl for Foundation. Baozia the Industrial heart; once cleared of trees becomes another foodbowl. Next is New Ostium.
One city but workers live how? network of (subterranean?) hoveltowns attached to highway system?

Crumbling internal alliances. ?? Thygyan prairie elves, and Baozian wild forest orcs?? both subjugated. Governed by dwarves. Riff on Three Kingdoms. Research req. Separatist movement? Civil war? A conflicted sibling view of the world.

The SECRET dark heart of Foundation.

Ruled by a matriarch, the one eternal breeder. Actually ancient due to an unnatural bond with some kind of fungus. (too weird?) She secures the dna from male sacrifices (who become part of her physically. a real spider actually does this?) tended to by cult? ministry? clergy? The tongueless. (too macabre?)
She is protected by a ministry/secret organisation of clergy that maintain the myth of one bloodline. Physically monstrous in proportion. Hideous. A living breeding machine.


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