Kingdom of Argland

Capital: Rondon
Prestige: Very High
Population: 1.4 million (65% human, 15% half-elf, 10% halfling, 5% elf, 1% half-orc)
Government: Constitutional Monarchy (Queen Heliza I)
Religions: Erathis, Pelor,
Alignment: Unaligned, lawful
Imports: Tea, silk and other goods from its overseas colonies
Exports: Wool, manufactured and processed goods

Argland is a collection of islands off the west coast of Ethium, whose powers extend well beyond the boarders of Ethium; thanks to its mighty Grand Navy, the Arglish have established colonies throughout the rest of Toria and have grown wealthy from the riches of its foreign exploits. Argland is currently at war with Floria and Sparan, particularly in the high seas and other continents of Toria where the three countries vie for supremacy among the colonies. Because of the strength of the Grand Navy, however, it seems that Argland has an distinct advantage over its enemies.


The Arglish people are jovial, practical, if somewhat arrogant lot of people, who accept that whilst there are many different cultures in Toria, the Arglish way of doing things is often the right way of doing things. They work hard, love to drink tea, complain about the weather and love their queen and country. The strong vitality and sense of patriotism and vitality of the Arglish people are unmatched by any others in Ethium, except perhaps for the revolutionary Florians who are bordering on fanatical.

The country is governed by a harmonious mix of the monarchy, the nobility and commoners, represented by an elected government called the Parliament. The monarchy have absolute authority on matters of foreign policy, and have the right to dessolve Parliament if required, but for the most part leave it to the nobles and commoners to run the country. Queen Heliza I is particularly loved by her subjects, thanks to her youth and beauty but also for her fair and strong-willed ambitions for Argland to prosper.

Argland is also home to a high number of half-elves and elves, due to the fact that Argland used to be an elven colony some centuries ago. Many of them now proudly call themselves Arglish, much to the disgust of some other elves around Toria. Their skill with the longbow have proved vital in Arglish armies, cutting down many heavily armoured knights of the main land. In particular, the Walles Ranger Company is an elite unit consisting entirely of highly trained elves and half-elves, their deadly accuracy and destructive power feared by many of Argland’s enemies.

Argland’s wealth comes from its exploits from their overseas colonies; tea and chinaware from Baozia, animal pelt from Alidra, ivory and spices from Minabene, and minerals from Gdday. The trade routes are maintained and protected by the Great East Findian Company, whose mage-ships are so heavily armed that pirates and other nations dare not attack them without ample planning and preparation.


Rondon (Capital city, 46,000)
Situated along the coast and on River Tame, Rondon is a bustling city of merchants, townsfolk and nobles, all buzzing about in their day to day lives, side by side. Rondon is home to the royal family, as well as most of the main institutions; the Parliament, the Roxfor College (academy of wizards), the cathedrals, and others. Most of the worldly riches that arrive from abroad end up here, to be traded with manufactured goods and wool that are in turn exported.

Walles (Region)
Walles used to be an ancient colony for the elves, and it’s now a home to many of Argland’s elf and half-elven population. They live in the ancient forests which have been carefully preserved for generations. Walles used to be an independent nation in its own right, repelling countless invading Arglish armies with its devastating archery, but when their home continent of Gdday was destroyed, the elves decided to call an armistice with the human Arglish. Over time, eventually the two cultures mingled and blended, and Walles joined Argland for the mutual benefit of both its people.

Glockland (Region)
Glockland is the home of big, red headed, kilt wearing, bag-pipe playing, haggis eating half-orcs. Whilst they grudgingly serve their Arglish masters, they are loyal to the queen and fight with much ferocity on the battlefield. The Glockish Black Guard Regiment is famous for saving a retreating Arglish army from the vastly larger Florian army, killing many Florian knights with their large battle axes.


Pirate’s a-calling me’hearties!
Word on the street has it that one Captain Hack Marrow, a notorious pirate wanted by just about everyone, is assembling a crew to look for the fabled Ale of Eternal Life, which imbues the drinker with… eternal life. Many adventurers are flocking to join his crew, but just as many are joining those who are offering a handsome price on his head.

For Queen and Country
The Arglish army is hiring groups of men and women with specialised skills to join their ‘covert war’ against Floria. Training in espionage will be provided to successful applicants.

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Kingdom of Argland

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