Republic of Floria

Capital: Pallise
Prestige: Very High
Population: 4.5 million (85% human, 5% half-elf, 5% halfling, 2% tiefling, 2% eladrin)
Government: Repulic (High Counsel Lessard)
Religions: Erathis, Pelor,
Alignment: Unaligned, lawful

The nation of Floria is both old and new. Old, since its people descend from the original barbarians that overran the Ordeos Empire, and new, since its middle and lower class citizens recently hanged, beheaded and quartered the king, queen and a vast number of its extended royal family and nobility, and set up its own Florian Republican government. Thanks to this bloody coup by the people, Floria is at war with almost every other nation in Ethium whose ruling monarchs fear the spread of such dangerous thoughts among their own commoners. Floria’s military leader is General Napaloire, a brilliant tactician with a streak of manic tendencies, intent on conquering the entire Ethium continent and establishing the first empire since Ordeos, the Florian Empire.


Before the Coup, Floria was run by the Burborrie dynasty of kings and queens, and the middle and lower classes hated them with a passion. They have had enough of the heavy taxes, denial of basic rights, and of sending their sons off to die in meaningless wars of the monarch. Triggered by inspirational speeches made by intellectuals, the people finally overthrew their masters in one major, bloody rebellion Ethium had ever seen. The king and queen are dead, and many of the nobles have fled the country. Now the people are in power.

But they are in trouble. When the nobles fled, they took their wealth and belonging with them, leaving the new republic with very little left in the treasury. The remaining Burborries are plotting a come back by making alliances with neighbouring monarchs, sending spies into Floria and sabotaging the republic’s plans. The neighbouring countries have mobilized their forces under the guise of ‘restoring the Burborries to power’, but in fact their aim is to carve up as much territory they can gain whilst the republic is weak.

The patriotic fervor within Floria have hit fever pitch. Every man and his dog have taken up arms to defend their homeland, but more importantly to defend their new-found rights and democratic ideals. But they are also fearful of the return of the Burborries and the nobles. Every day, people suspected of being sympathetic to the old regime are being public executed with only crudest of trials. The people look to the Republican Government to restore order as soon as possible, and they look to General Napaloire to defeat Floria’s enemies on the battlefield.


Pallise (Capital city, 110,000)


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Republic of Floria

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